THE LBD: The Little Black Dress never goes out of style. Whether it is the classic sheath, Boho chic, or on trend, every woman of every age and shape has at least one in her closet. It is a main staple, a go to, a reliable old friend, a great memory and so much more.


MISSION STATEMENT: JoJo's Mission Statement is "Giving back and paying it dress at a time!" Giving back is the cornerstone of JoJo's Little Black Dress. If you are interested in a fundraiser Pop Up Shop contact JoJo's at for more information.


ME: I am JoJo. Well, that is what my Mom called me. She had impeccable style and taught me, you don't have to spend a lot to look like a million bucks. You simply have to find that one of a kind piece at a great price. I find unique beautiful dresses in limited quantities and price them all at $20.00 each. Every dress has it's own personality and I hope you come to a Pop Up Shop to find one that fits yours. 


THE NAME: As you may have guessed, my Mom was also my inspiration for the name JoJo's Little Black Dress. It had long been a dream of mine to open a boutique of unique little black dresses. When I had the opportunity to make that dream a reality, the nickname she gave me long ago came to mind as I was driving down the street one day. I thought of her smiled, and I knew.


I hope you enjoy your shopping experience and tell your friends, family and perfect strangers about JoJo's Little Black Dress.